A Nickname Gives Birth to a Legend

Thunderbolt Raiders is the title of a screenplay being written about a Civil War raid held 150 years ago and a reunion held 100 years ago.

The 1913 reunion was of Morgan’s Raiders, cavalrymen who served under the dashing, enigmatic Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan, known in the South as the “Thunderbolt of the Confederacy.”


The raid was in the summer of 1863. Morgan defied his superiors and took his men North, across the Ohio River into Indiana and Ohio. 

The reunion, 50 years later, was chaired by his second-in-command Gen. Basil W. Duke. The weekend gathering included families of the aging Raiders and was primarily a social affair.

But a brash young female reporter pulls Duke aside, saying she wants the “real story” of Morgan, who died in the war. Their conversations and events at the weekend reunion are coupled with Duke’s violent flashbacks to the fighting.

The sum is a compelling story as the reporter and former general peel through the psychological complexities of Morgan, and of each other.